Artymate 1.0.1 introduces new features!

We are excited to let you know that Artymate 1.0.1 is now live and available at no extra cost for those that have already purchased the previous version of Artymate.

The update brings some new features to the plugin as well as refining processes to make it even easier to use.

To download your update visit your account page and click on Artymate 1.0.1 for your chosen operating system

What’s New:

  • Introduced in 1.0 (updated from 0.9.6) was the ability to tint and colour video overlays. This has further been refined and works on white videos (ie smoke) now too!

  • Flickering was introduced in 1.0 and has further been improved for 1.0.1. Mac users will also find they now have tool tips (hold the mouse over a button). This was introduced for PC users in 1.0

  • Panel 3 has had a redesign and now is much more intuitive

To find further details on how to use Panel 3 visit the knowledge base


A brand new pack has been introduced to the Artymate Add Ons Store

Add incredible atmosphere to your Artymations

You have full control using the new Version 1 sliders to change colour and saturation to match your scene.

The Atmosphere Pack includes 8 organic (filmed) smoke and fog effects

Share your Artymations with us on Instagram with hashtag #artymate for your chance to be featured!

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Artymate is Closed

We have Closed the Shop

Thank you for supporting us! We hope you are still enjoying the product, but we can no longer support the system.