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*Excludes specialty packs like The Christmas Pack which is sold separately

What can you do with Artymate?

  • Animate your still image elements including sky, water, waterfalls, and more
  • Animate individual elements with the press of a button
  • Make your birds and butterflies (anything that flaps) flit away
  • Make leaves and foliage fall from your trees
  • Control all the elements in your image with a large choice of animation presets
  • Add video animation including hair, fabric, smoke, fire, particles, fairy dust and more. Match the animation videos to your image exactly
  • Export out a smooth repeating loop that will play on social media platforms including Facebook cover videos, Facebook feed, Instagram, twitter and your website
  • Add your own Overlays (video and image) and animate them.

NB: Artymate only works with Adobe Photoshop CC versions

All the Add ons! Valued at over $70 included in this Bundle with Artymate (sold separately for $49.99)

View Individual Packs:

Smoke Pack

Weather Pack

Fabric Pack

Nature in the Wind Pack

Magical Pack

Fireworks Pack

Dramatic Fire Pack

Atmosphere Pack

Did you also want the Christmas Pack? Purchase it along with this Bundle

$20.00 $15.00

21 Magical Christmas Add Ons that will make your Christmas Images into gorgeous, animated Christmas Cards! The pack includes moving versions of the following:

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Artymate + and a ton of Add Ons!

The Artymate Bundle

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